Monday, July 12, 2010

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant forms may be simple and not interesting. But make no mistake, it turns out the aloe vera had a lot of benefits, both for beauty and health. There are more than 200 types of aloe vera plants, but actually only five species are considered to have health benefits or used for beauty products, namely Aloe barbadensis Miller, Aloe Perryi Baker, Aloe Ferox, Aloe and Aloe Saponaria Arborescens.

The older the plant aloe vera gives benefits for nutrition and medication. Aloe vera gel is often used to treat lacerations, cut, insect bites and rashes. Aloe vera health benefits for has actually been known since time immemorial.

How many benefits of aloe vera for beauty and health. Nothing wrong if you try this simple way to maintain our health and beauty.
Benefits of aloe vera is;

Overcoming dermatitis
Dermatitis often appears, for example due to X-ray operating at the time, exposure to sunlight for too long or injury due to trauma. Many experts who rely on the liquid (gel) extracted from aloe vera leaves the meat to resolve complaints / disturbances.

Treat intestinal injury
This happens because the food intake of control or too often consume a diet "hard" is overly stimulate gastric acid. Consumption of Aloe vera is believed to heal wounds because it contains saponins intestine which are capable of cleaning the bowel as well as an antiseptic. Antrakuinonnya compounds function as antibiotics, and other substances epitelisasi role or function to stimulate tissue growth of new cells.

Caring for skin
Aloe vera also moisturize the skin. These properties are well known since the days of Cleopatra. No wonder that nearly 70% when it was the gist of the cosmetic product is aloe vera gel. Lignin is believed to contain substances that can penetrate at once to seep into the skin and resist the loss of fluids from the skin surface. Thus, not so fast dry skin while moisture levels remain intact.

Healing the subscription disease
Who knew that aloe was able to overcome various illnesses subscriptions in children and adults, including fever, stomach pain / ulcer, constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcers, cough, sore throat, thrush, rashes, insect bites, and even eliminate acne and erode black stain on the face.

Helps the body's metabolism and cell regeneration
Enzyme content of cellulose, amylose, protein and biogenic simulators is the active substance can help your metabolism and stimulate growth and regeneration of skin cells.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Green Tea

Lately, when we began to notice a lot of beverage products in containers that contain green tea. Actually what is causing the famous green tea is good for health?

Tea (Camellia Sinensis) is currently classified according to location of growth. This is what causes the familiar variety of teas, such as Chinese tea, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Africa or tea. Green tea, like black tea, derived from the same plant. Name and its form is different due to different preparation process is undertaken.

Green tea is processed in special ways. After picking, tea leaves will experience fogging. This process will drain the tea leaves, but not until the leaves change color. These conditions cause the water steeping tea leaves still look light green. This process is then shown to retain many nutrients, including antioxidants polyphenols in tea leaf.

Want to know what content in green tea is so healthy for your body?

Antioxidant Polyphenols
Japanese scientists believe that the antioxidant polyphenols found in green tea is very beneficial for healthy ingredients, that is able to reduce the risk of heart disease, to kill tumor cells, and inhibits cell growth of lung cancer, colon cancer, especially skin cancer cells. These substances can help smooth the process of digestion through the stimulation of peristalsis and the production of digestive fluids.

Fluoride is classified as a mineral that can prevent the growth of caries in the teeth, prevent gingivitis, and cavities.

Manganese content found in green tea can help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Levels of caffeine contained in green tea is different from the caffeine in coffee. Caffeine contained in tea just as much as 3-5%. So if we are diligent to drink tea, the body and mind will feel more refreshed. Caffeine a positive effect on mental activity, and can improve the process of digestion dalamlambung. Better digestion in your body will burn fat more efficiently. If you're on a diet, this process helps businesses to reduce weight. Moreover, if the tea drunk when the stomach is empty.

The latest findings about the green tea group showed that the content of tannin compounds contained in green tea can prevent and treat kidney disease. While it is still wet tea leaves can be used as a compress for skin affected by insect bites, sunburn, or as a refresher for tired eyes.

Benefits include tea as an antioxidant, repairing damaged cells, smoothing skin, slimming body, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, the blood circulation. So, do not be surprised if this drink was mentioned as a benefit-rich beverage. For those of you who want to regularly maintain the health condition, it is advisable to at least drink a cup of green tea, either hot or cold every day.